Ecoline • Watercolour printer paper A4

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A hybrid approach is possible with Ecoline print paper. Designs created with Ecoline can be scanned and printed, and then used for additional work with Ecoline. However, before Ecoline can be used on the printed ink, the printed parts must be waterproof.

Not every printer and/or ink is suitable for this purpose. With inkjet printers, it is important to ensure that the ink used is waterproof. With laser printers, the toner is fused at a high temperature, which makes it waterproof. The temperature level is important here.

Before working with Ecoline, we recommend always doing a printer and ink test to check whether the printed ink is waterproof.

Artikelcode 91580002
Barcode 8712079396770
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 21,3 x 30 x 4,3 cm
Paper grammage 150
Product dimensions (LxWxH) 21,3 x 30 x 1,4 cm
Brand Ecoline
Product type Watercolor paper
Material Paper
Format A4
Colour White



Vekt 400 g
Dimensjoner 22 × 31 × 5 cm


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